Bring your media to life

Togotiki provides advanced media management solutions to both enterprise and personal users.

File Library - Shows the layout of the file library with filter capabilities.

All Your Media In One Place

Videos, photos, 360 photos and 360 videos all living together on one platform.  Plus we give super powerful meta data management including geo-location, multi date/time fields, tagging, collections, descriptions, names, HTML and much more. 

Marketing with Call to Actions (CTAs) - gather contact information using 1 of our 3 CTA layouts.

Marketing with Call to Actions (CTAs)

Gather information from viewers right in your video scenes. Easily configure your CTA for overlay, full screen beginning of video or full screen end of video.  Viewer information is easily extracted from our marketing engine.

Landing Page - customize your Landing Page to match your brand.

Customizable Landing Page

We studied user engagement to create a set of intuitive presentation layers your viewers will quickly recognize and easily navigate, while still providing you the tools to customize the look to match your brand.  Create and customize your own landing page.  You can upload your own logo, have a featured section at the top and multiple sections below, to help organize your media.  

Hostpots in Action