Media Management

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Easily search and share your media.

Find It

* Search & Filters
* Transcripts & Insights
* Multiple Time & Date Markers
* Tags & Collections
* Automatic Faceting
* Geo-location

Share It

* Your Own Channel
* Multiple Formats
* Customizations
* Social Sharing
* Embed Anywhere
* No Ads

Enhance It

* Call To Actions (CTAs)
* Hotspots
* Transcription & Translation
* Bulk Updates and Extraction
* AI Powered Tagging
* Video Overlays

Popular Features

Multi Media Formats

Leverage all your media in a single tool. We support Photos, Videos, 360˚ Images and 360˚ Video.

Embed Anywhere

Embed your media onto your secure website. It is as simple as click, copy and paste.

Meta Data

Using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning we automatically extracts and creates rich meta data on images and videos.

AI Powered Search

Our AI powered search indexes your content for optimal performance. This ensures your viewers get the information they need. Plus you get intuitive filter controls to easily find exactly what your looking for.

Image & Video Analysis

Using AI we analyze and index your media to enrich it, not only does this include transcripts in videos, but object detection and OCR in images.

Transcripts & Translations

Our system can generate full transcripts of the spoken words in your videos. Then jump start the translation of your transcripts into dozens of languages for Closed Caption presentation.

All your media living together on one platform and with our AI powered search, find what you are looking for quick and easy.


360˚ Images

360˚ Videos

Community Outreach

Small non-profits need to use videos to keep up with today’s ever complicated world and reach their members, supporters and community. We understand it is difficult and challenging on very limited budgets. Togotiki is committed to helping small community organization get their message out and raise awareness.

Transcripts created from your videos in multiple languages.

Video Transcription

This article explains how to use Togotiki artificial intelligence to automatically create a transcript of your video.

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