Virtual Tours & Travel

Let us help engage and attract your tourists.

Landing Page

We studied user engagement and leading content providers to create a set of intuitive presentation layers for our virtual tours that your viewers will quickly recognize and easily navigate, while still providing you the tools to customize the look to match your brand. 

File Library

All your media in one place!  Videos, photos, 360 photos and 360 videos all living together on one platform.  Plus we give super powerful meta data management including geolocation, multi date/time fields, tagging, collections, descriptions, names, HTML and much more.

Calls To Action (CTAs)

Gather information from your viewers right in your video scenes.  Easily configure your CTA for overlay, full screen beginning of video or full screen end of video.  Viewer information is easily extracted from the marketing engine. 

Geo-Location Based Explorer

 Whether we have extracted the geo-location data directly from your files or you have added it, we of course let you search and filter on it.  This helps your visitors go deeper into your resort or virtual campus tour.   

Multiple Media Formats

Leverage all your media, not just video in a single tool.  Today’s internet audience loves videos, but a picture can still tell a thousand words.  So why not bring it all to life in TogoTiki. 

Integrated AI Powered Search

You create great content, but it is not always easy to predict how your viewers will want to use it.  TogoTiki’s AI powered search indexes your content for optimal performance.  This ensures your viewers get the information they need.  Plus you get intuitive filter controls to easily find exactly what your looking for based upon time, location, transcripts, tags and insights. 

Embed Anywhere

Embed your enriched media (video, 360 Video, Images, 360 Images) onto your secure site.  You can either embed your media only, with enrichment, or an entire Scene panel to add more information. 

Social Sharing

You get control over how your content is promoted through Social Sharing platforms (Facebook, Twitter…).  You can allow your viewers to promote your content or restrict access and sharing down to the file level. 


Scenes are an easy way to enrich your content.  Add Calls-to-Action, Hotspots, GEO-Mapping, and HTML panels directly on and around your media.  You can organize your Scenes into Episodes and Series, just like a TV show.