TogoTiki Live

Add your broadcasts right onto your TogoTiki Channel.

Streaming content to any device

Live Feed Manager

Integrate your live stream feed and share it and/or on-demand content with your viewers.  


Build the right tiered subscription plan to meet your audience needs, such as pay-per-view events, season pass or monthly plans.  Change sitewide or offer smaller, packaged subscriptions or do both!

Purchasing subscriptions
Landing Page with all of your content nicely displayed.

Landing Page

We studied user engagement and leading content providers to create a ser of intuitive presentation layers your viewers will quickly recognize and easily navigate, while still providingyou the tools to customize the look to match your brand.  

File Library

All your media in one place!  Videos, photos, 360 photos and 360 videos all living together on one platform.  Plus we give super powerful metadata management including geolocation, multi date/time fields, tagging, collections, descriptions, names, HTML and much more.  

File Library